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Our company is a private, family-owned company and will always be that way. Our CEO, his wife and their family are strong Christian leaders, with amazing integrity. They began just like we did, as distributors for a network marketing company. He was a teacher and basketball coach, and she was a stay at home mom. Their beginnings and never-give-up attitude are why we are all here today, with the same opportunity to change OUR families lives.


Team Believe is a collective of four Ambassador Diamond teams.

Meet each of your leaders below!

Krista Pettengill

Ambassador Diamond

Top 100

Millionaire's Club

I was a teacher turned stay-at-home mom and joined just because I wanted to get my products free. As a military family, we had enough, but not much extra for vanity products. Once I used the products and saw they actually worked, I wanted to tell my friends about them and from there because interested in the business side. Maybe I could make a little extra to get my nails done or for a rare date night. Once I started working the business I matched my husband’s officer income within 6 months. We retired him from the Army, he came home to help me raise our 4 babies, and we even built our dream home and pool!

Kim Touchton

Ambassador Diamond

Top 50

Millionaire's Club

Freedom Award

I was a psuedo-single mom of a 7 month old in a brand new state, working my "dream job" as a hotel manager. My husband was gone for helicopter flight school for the Army, and we needed $300 extra to pay for daycare. But once I became a distributor, I realized there was an option to make a full-time income from home that I had never known about, so I ran with this while still working full time. I quit my job after 8 months because it tripled my salary, took our family debt-free in 18 months, became a Top 10 income earner... all while being the biggest introvert you'll ever meet. This team does things differently, which means even someone like me can be wildly successful!

Michelle Payne

Ambassador Diamond

Top 150 

Millionaire's Club

I had just finished my masters as a pediatric nurse practitioner, I was working nights as an RN, flip flopping shifts with my firefighter husband. My student loans were coming out of deferment and I needed to figure out where this $500 payment was going to come from. Once I dove in with It Works, I saw what I had my hands on. Four months later I had tripled my nursing salary and decided I was going to come home with my babies and do this as my full time job. In 11 months, we had promoted to the top rank of the company. In just over a year we paid off all of our $120,000 in debt plus our Jeep, brought my husband home full time without having to think twice about finances, retirement or insurance. 

I was a police officer home on maternity leave. The cost of childcare for an infant and toddler would have been more than I was bringing home. My husband was firefighting and working many 48 hour shifts to keep us afloat. I was extreme couponing to put food on the table and pay for diapers. I just needed an extra $500 so we didn’t lose our vehicle. I very reluctantly gave this business a shot. I earned that extra $500 my first month and by the following year had reached the top rank and became a top income earner. Now we are a full time family and even purchased our dream house! We have found a new passion for mission trips and I am so thankful I had the tiniest mustard seed of faith to give this a shot.

Amanda + Michael Pruitt

Ambassador Diamonds

Top 100

Millionaire's Club

Gives Back Award

I am the kind of man who does everything I can for my family. My wife wanted to stay home with the kids so I took on overtime and any side jobs I could find. I wanted to be able to provide but I hated missing everything. I was missing holidays and birthday parties and also milestones. I missed many “firsts” over the years. I loved my career but my heart was at home with my family. I read the compensation plan and saw what this company had to offer. I also saw it was NOT just for women. I retired from my career as a firefighter and am now a work from home Dad!

A note from Kim Touchton:

"As you can see in our pictures at the top of this website, I am passionately working to ensure our team is a home for EVERY ONE. That every person sees someone like them on this team and knows that with us, you are not only accepted and equal but WANTED and LOVED. The most successful group of people are the ones where every voice is represented. Because you learn the most from diversity of experience, culture, thought, etc. 


There is no mold to fit here on our team. And here, we all start with a business kit. Young, old, big, small, pink hair, genders, cultures, ethnicities. I will keep fighting so that EVERYone is represented here at It Works, in our marketing, corp team, on stage, etc. I will be part of the solution in my world of influence.


I’m not afraid of hard conversations when it comes to diversity. If you EVER see anything we can do better, change, re-word, you can come to me. Either on our team or at a corporate level, I’m here for it."